Quality chart

Un jour… Pour Vous is a member of the UDOM (Union of wedding planners). You will find below ( as well as on www.udom.fr), the quality chart of the marriage planners of the UDOM.

For a greater quality of the realized services; and a better understanding of our profession.


Gather all the players of our profession

The activity of wedding planner in France is developing very fast. More and more future newlyweds trust their marriage to professional planners. We are grateful for this beautiful evolution. However, there is no regulation for this profession. The purpose of the UDOM is to federate the professional wedding planners who engage themselves to respect the ethical rules and the deontological principals for the image and the development of this profession. The purpose of the UDOM is not to limit or to regularize the creation of the wedding planner’s agencies, but on the contrary, to contribute to its development and guarantee to the future newlyweds a professional approach of the agencies.

Protect and inform the consumer

The UDOM is an association of professionals and specialists of wedding planning. (It hosts with the same requirement agencies with variable importance, having the same
concern towards the customer service, the same attention for the strict enforcement of the deontological rules, which gives this profession its legitimate place in the universe of the marriage.)

The UDOM through its quality chart wants to protect the future newlyweds of certain practices. Our profession finds its foundation in the quality service as well as in the personal implication of each planner. That’s why it is essential that each agency respects the quality required by our profession. The future newlyweds decide of the development and the sustainability of our profession. It’s by respecting those ethical rules that every agency member of the UDOM assures them a plain satisfaction.
The UDOM exercises a permanent control of a good application of those rules. The selection of the members is based on selective criteria. (cf. legal status and regulations of the association) and a particular watch on their activity is assured by the board of directors). Clear rules, approved and applicable by each and a set of hierarchical penalties for every type of lack, offers to its members and their clients extra guaranties.

Promote the professionals and defend the profession

The UDOM offers a collective action to promote all the member agencies. Representing professional wedding agencies with all of their partners and French or international interlocutors (business, Government, inter-professional organizations, locations and sites, providers), to all instances and at any time, the UDOM attaches to expose the positions of its agencies and to defend their interests.
The UDOM highlights its agencies by multiple and varied actions in creating awareness of the forces, differences and specificities of this sector. It promotes the profession through regular contacts with the press, editing professional documents, organizing events or sponsorship in the area of marriage.

According to their specific activity sector, their availability and their affinities, the members of the UDOM alive on behalf of the UDOM meetings, thematic commissions around the concerns and the centres of major interests of their profession, meetings and work sessions involving external stakeholders likely to legislate or serve their profession.
To ensure expertise and ensure the success of each event, consultancy in organization, a member of the UDOM, ought to know, respect and apply stringent professional rules. In this sense the UDOM imposes on its members training requirements for quality of the work of organizing marriage agencies.
The consideration of competition is not a factor of acceptance or refusal during the selection of a new member agency.

Trust through transparency
Un jour pour vous, allows you to pay each provider directly…
Together, we establish an encrypted and controlled budget allowing you a greater serenity.

It is recommended, after analysis, providers based on their professionalism, the quality of their services and the coherence of their prices.

The project management
It is assembling, coordinating, and controlling the realization and the monitoring of all parameters related to the organization of marriage, in accordance with the specifications of the said event.

Financial transparency
If the wedding planner only invoices its delivery, or it bills the total benefits of the marriage, it is obliged, at the request of the customer, to present all of the invoices of committed service providers. Where the agency performing commercial margins on the intervention of its service providers, it is required to indicate it in the contract or its annexes. This practice ensures a fair billing of its performance.

It is the ability of the manager and its team to exercise this profession, it is also the observation of morality. Each manager and each of its employees have been trained to the requirement of quality of a wedding Agency.

It is the respect for the privacy of the newlyweds and their family, this obligation is extended to internal teams as the providers committed under the coordination of the agency.
It is to refrain from any practice that could be detrimental to the newlyweds, the profession in general, to the UDOM or one of its members in particular. The operations are designed not to make discrimination and not to cause any harm, mental, moral or physical, or put in question the freedom and loyalty of each with respect to anyone.

In the exercise of our profession, the rules of cordiality, of loyalty and solidarity, to defend the status and interests of the fellow members of the UDOM.

Independence related to stakeholders or partners. Do not sign exclusive contract with providers.
An UDOM agency assumes important responsibilities to develop and sustain the profession of wedding planner:
It is the permanent concern of counselling and the most appropriate training for the different profiles of the profession.

It is playing an active and concrete educational role in all likely to raise awareness, inform and train future actors of this profession. The UDOM has put in place an information day for the requirements of the profession of wedding planner.

It is to participate at round tables, fairs, and professional events, likely to better known men, methods, and opportunities for the business.