The profession of wedding planner is very young and we can say without any fear that its image is still very fragile, because of the fragility of the vast majority of the companies which create on this niche market which seems simple… But it is NOT AT ALL!!!!

Wanting to improve constantly our service and improve the satisfaction of our clients, we wished to set up a quality approach within “Un jour…Pour Vous, several years ago. That’s when the UDOM was born, Union of wedding planners, an association of professional wedding planners based on strong commitments through a quality charter.

Due to its leader’s position in the world of wedding planning, and its image of reliability and quality, Un jour…Pour Vous must stand for an engagement for the excellence of its realised events.

For this and since forever, for each marriage we take the greatest care choosing our providers to realize the most beautiful events…

Those marriages that are engraved as a wonderful experience, original, intense, incredible, sweet, accomplice, exciting…and who makes us ever day more performing, closer, more current, more real, bolder…