The decor of the place of your marriage will necessarily adapted to the reception venue and its history and according  with the own history of the couple.

For example the decoration in a castle, focus on silverware, crystal chandelier, without overloading because the place is often already “dressed”, white is often appropriate to lighten and golden keys or silver are welcome.

For decorating a reception in a rustic farmhouse, choose the green, raffia, country side, the green, and the warm colors and shades of taupe and twine. The entire wedding stationery will be in keeping with the theme chosen and the decoration … The invitations, menus, brands place the guestbook, thanks boxes … We can realize your invitations from photos of your engagement session, from the theme, or from your wedding colors. Dragee ballotins or other gifts for guests will also go with the decor and the wedding theme.

This season the popular decorating themes rather take to the retro style. There are natural shades like twine, flax, off-white, pastel colors. Some touch of powdery pink, purple etc … for sometimes shabby style, sometimes vintage. The decorative elements can be as convenient antiques or old consoles embellished with various objects like an old trunk that can become a travel urn for example or a  support where we can have the guests gifts, cups and sub- cups, old books tied with lace or old alarm clocks … Everything is possible with a little imagination! Feel free to use jam jars “bonne maman” (not to mention the french brand!) or “La laitière” (same!) or even old jars to put your pretty little wildflowers!

You can have your escort cards in drawers mottled with lavender at the bottom or middle of jars of baby’s breath (to be used without moderation this year! Bouquets, wreaths, garlands … we love it!).

For the lighting (absolutely essential for your wedding!) we bear the “old France” style tavern with garlands, Christmas lights that can also be coupled with garlands pennants for the day! And of course the timeless candles in candle holders or as lanterns or lamps to dispose everywhere for rendering romantic and warm!

Very fashionable and also a hit, the little nod “old America” with why a wedding urn in an old box of American letters, the wedding cake for dessert casseroles with “just married” on your old Mustang! Very chic too, think the signage, to oneself or to make do with one foot and wooden arrows to indicate “ceremony”, “party”, “photobooth”, “cocktail”, “reception” … Hyper trend !!!

You can also, for greedy, prepare a candy bar, with all sorts of assorted goodies like cup cakes, candy, candy canes, cakes pop, etc … presented in nice candy boxes of different sizes and shapes with vintage labels … or even a bar with popcorn for a change! You can add small kraft bags (you can even customize) for your guests leave with some sweets at home!

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