You must also think of the memories that will stay after your wedding …. We are talking about pictures, videos and alliances for example …

Many of your wedding memories will remain engraved in your mind, like the photos of your wedding for example, that even 100 years after remain unchangeable … Imagine your grandchildren be moved by your wedding photos! It is therefore essential not be wrong!

For your photo story, you can imagine an engagement session in the forest or in one of the beautiful villages of the Luberon (also feasible in the studio but less glamorous!), in order to use these pictures for your invitations, your seating plan, your thanks cartons or whatever comes to your mind. It’s the same, a great opportunity to bond with your photographer for the wedding day, you are 100% comfortable and people will can feel that on your photos.

The trend this year, you decide to make your couple pictures on the D-Day or any other day, the “vintage” (yes again!). So there are many washed out, overexposed photographs (made against day) or de-saturated, also with the flare, the de-centered or even partly outside the framework subjects! To see some examples in pictures visit our pinterest in the “lovely pictures” category.

We recommend to prefer not posed pictures… For this, we have a precious address book that references many talented professional photographers, according to the tastes of each , depending on whether you want the original photo , traditional or completely different from usual standards . We also referenced several photographers according to their suitability for the job in color , black and white , bend, or sepia , but also for film or digital photos.

If you decide to make your wedding photos an other day than on the D-day, why not opt for a session “Trash the dress” ? The idea: dress a last time your wedding dress after the wedding and you explode in the water, in the mud, or with such paint cans to make it unrecognizable ! moments of pure insanity and downright unforgettable and original photos !

Very fashionable in recent years but still works fine and can decline in a vintage style on photobooth! You can put a retro background and let you go on accessories by going for example search the cabinets of your grandparents to find there any kind of kitsch objects, or strolling through garage sales! If you are less inspired, there are also commercial kits or order online with fake glasses, bow tie, fake mustaches etc … The final result is not bad at all!
You can also opt for the wedding movie … a videographer direct the film of your wedding and you will make a montage on DVD, you can, if you wish, send in some of your guests. There are romantic or traditional films but also extremely elaborate fixtures with motion graphics, spectacular special effects etc … Everything is possible and we will advise you some professionals tailored to what you need!
There are also alliances that do not leave the couple after the wedding … Their choice is important because this is what you wear every day to symbolize your union. Also think about the engraving you want on it. That your covenants are in yellow gold, white gold, pink gold or platinum for example; be it a simple ring or a string of diamonds or other gemstones, they represent a lot for both of you, so take time to find one that suits you perfectly!