To choose the wedding dress, you were looking for a simple dress, original or sophisticated, we can advise you based on your tastes and your budget, a fashion designer, a local designer, a big brand or a brand with a good value for money.

Depending on the morphology of the bride, we can advise models and styles to suit the shape of your face and your forms. Spirit bohemian, plunging neckline, sage strapless, short dress, back neckline, lace retro, sleek design … everything is possible!

For accessories, do not be mistaken, because that is really what finished your outfit! You can make your dress a bibi, a wrapper of muslin, a small umbrella lace eventually. Regarding the sails, this year, the trend is to sail pirate style that gives a romantic and vintage touch. Gloves, you should avoid, it is not really relevant!

For underwear, choose comfort and discretion, and for jewelry the bride must be adapted to the dress and other accessories (discuss with your hairdresser as) not to be too “loaded”. You can also opt for a jewel grandmother is in vogue and this will allow the bride to meet one of the traditions of the English nursery rhyme: “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue (less experienced) a penny in her shoe “

And do not forget the choice of shoes … With your Jimmy Choo shoes on the feet, you are to die for (so what if the penny are not fit!).

For holding the groom, we will advise you in the same way, a fashion designer, a large sign or a suit for reasonable budget … This season, go for the bow tie! Hyper trend it comes to infinity and gives a less stuffy side but not least gentleman groom!

For the procession, we will coordinate suits your bridesmaids and groomsmen so that everything is in perfect harmony …