Our Values

Since 2006, Un jour…Pour Vous organizes and coordinates every season, dozens of weddings, for couples of newlyweds from France but also from all over the world!

Intimate weddings as Neza and Gregor from Slovenia, who were married in Arles with 6 guests in June 2014, to marriages of personalities with security service and strengthened team for 250 guests in Nîmes, organized in June 2013 (impossible to cite even first names, privilege requires), we have experienced, organized, sustained, structured, coordinated, prepared smouldered, planned, directed, orchestrated, loved, in two words… given life to hundreds of weddings, all incredibly rich in emotions! And we met unforgettable couples!
… « Organize is not bringing order, it is giving life » Jean René Fourtou.
We have already seen, organized and lived original marriages with for example the “Surprise” of Arlette and Didier marriage in 2011, in Ardèche, on which, the guests did not know on what occasion or by whom they were invited. We rented a private villa, raised a scene worthy of a big show, hillside overlooking the Gordes with a canvas background, and a view on the Luberon Hill and invited the Group ABBA FOR EVER which usually occurs on TV shows, at the stage of France and all over the world for an unforgettable show… And so many beautiful things that we cannot tell you or describe you here…
In the organization of a wedding, the creed is as follows: “nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!
Our way of working all over these years has been proven it and is the most popular to the couples of newlyweds. We work an ethical and transparent manner, in the utmost discretion, respect for the beliefs of each and with professionalism.

We study the feasibility of each project closely, without judging the demands, as extravagancy as may be or the budget of the newlyweds before we commit ourselves. We check after an appointment that lasts sometimes several hours that the desires and the budget are correlated. Because a budget of € 200,000 does not guarantee to be sufficient if the desires in front are completely outrageous, and conversely, a budget of € 20,000 can be highly enough if the desires of the newlyweds are moderated. So, it is not the amount that matters, but the wishes of the couple. If these 2 points are not consistent, we prefer not to commit ourselves… As we do not wish to take more than 15 weddings in the formula ‘So quiet’; per organizer to ensure availability and optimal involvement for each marriage. In this case, we orientate the newlyweds on a choice of services that would make the project possible.

The wedding planner business in the Provence sees rise and every year dozens of agencies initiated by wedding planners to be disappear and we prefer not to proceed on projects that we could not carry out in the best conditions with total satisfaction of our newlyweds. Therefore we leave these projects to launched fresh start-ups, by attracting the attention of couples on the difficulty of a project without concessions and the fragility of these small structures.

Every couple is unique; every union has to be unique to. Therefore every formula is adapted and changed to respond at all your desires.

It is in this spirit of customization of each event that we do not offer ‘ packs ‘ in our formulas, but only tailor-made.
“Un jour pour vous” allows you to pay each provider directly…
Together, we establish an encrypted and controlled budget allowing you a greater serenity.

Our taste for beautiful receptions; as well as our concern for detail and total satisfaction of newlyweds guides us every day in the selection of providers of quality.
A simpler service to the more fanciful one, we will seek for you the “rare pearls” for this day to be perfect, as you’ve imagined.