The services of the agency are custom, we adapt our formulas according to each demand, for each couple, and each universe… so it is with passion that we will answer all your questions.

After an initial contact (free and without commitment on your part or ours), your dedicated wedding planner can assess the budget necessary to the achievement of the marriage as you imagine…

The agency, as a recognized professional marriage planner, and because of its extensive experience, has a significant weight on the negotiation of rates with different stakeholders in your marriage. And all the commercial efforts made by your service providers are passed directly on to your bill.
Our universe is varied; it is not fixed on a particular style, but adapted to the demands and tastes of our newlyweds.

The agency Un jour… Pour Vous allows you to pay each service provider directly to keep a complete transparency.
The agency rates are fixed. We prefer this pricing to ensure our clients a total objective view on their spending, because we have no interest to make you spend more…
We refuse professional committees and negotiate so that these reductions are yours directly.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details, or for a customized and free quote!


The members of the Union of wedding planners will send you their experiences, good and less good marriages and inform you on the habits and customs of the profession of wedding planners; through the many feedback of the newlyweds who come to the association each year…
There are essential differences on 2 main points in the services that offer wedding planners:


There are the organizers of marriages that charge fees and those who charge the entire marriage.
In the wedding planners who charge fees, there are:

The organizers of marriages that work to the percentage of the total budget for the wedding. Often 10-20% is requested, but with a minimum, for example € 3000 + possible percentage that exceed this amount.
The downside is that your wedding planner will have a certain interest to spend more and to advise you more expensive services even when it turns out to be not justified.
The fact that you directly solve every service allows your wedding planner to keep total transparency.

And the organizers of marriages that work package. Often charged between 2000 and €5000 for the whole organization service, depending on the experience and seniority of the organizer and taking or not commissions on service providers (see below).
The main advantage of work package is that the wedding planner will have no interest to make you spend more than necessary. Therefore he will keep a maximum objectivity throughout the organization of your wedding.
The wedding planner who charge everything

Some “wedding planners” offer the newlyweds to regulate the complete marriage (often monthly spread) and they are in charge to pay the providers.
In this case, make sure that the company is healthy because the risk is that it closes and having given small payments to its subcontractors so that you’ll have paid a large part of the service. You would end up paying your marriage almost double for the same thing!
And look, closely the specification of the organizer, while many married couples have shared to the Union of the organizers of marriages unfortunate experiences on the quality and the consistency of the final service of the marriage ordered to what was initially planned. You must from the beginning, think of all the details so you don’t subject to an additional billing for each small extra service.
The advantage however is that you have a detailed overview of your wedding from the beginning and a single interlocutor.
The disadvantage is that you will have the same marriage outside some small details as many other couples, you will therefore not be fully master and you will not be immune to surprises. In this case, you do not know the margin of the organizer who ultimately is often above those working package.



Of course, no wedding planner will be proud to tell, but be sure; it is a widespread practice in the wedding planner business, and in many other trades in the marriage business.
The first inconveniency is that this will cost you more than a couple who has ordered the same services without a wedding planner… The organizer is here to make you save time, money and the serenity, not the other way around!
And the mayor risk, beyond the fact that you can have the same wedding as many others before you, is the lack of objectivity with the submitted professionals.

For example, if the catering service X gives 10% commission to the wedding planner and the caterer Y, which has a much better value for money than the first one, gives 5%, the wedding planner may direct you to the caterer X even if it is not suitable for your demand but to have a better pay.

We do not wish to generalise and each and every one must have his chance professionally, we simply inform you of the cases regularly met for 8 years, and in the opinion of married couples…
On the market, we can find different types of wedding planner agencies.

Young agencies: you can decide to give a chance to a wedding planner freshly launched (go straight forward, if you are looking for a price, and not a quality service and you want your wedding planner to deal almost exclusively with you) by entrusting the organization of your wedding… but only if you’re great optimists and that you are not very demanding.

The oldest agencies: If you don’t want a young (by young we mean recently installed! No discrimination!) wedding planner breaking eggs on your wedding choose an agency established since many years.
Agencies with a residence: It is not essential but still gives the «the» on the health and reliability of the agency. If you have little time, you’re working a lot and/or you are getting married in our wonderful Provence and you live outside, this can make you gain precious time to meet your wedding professionals without having to make the trip to each!

Agencies with a single organizer: in 95% of the cases “a single Organizer” that can (we already heard ;-)) qualifies himself as a “wedding planner”. Initially the newlyweds do not think about it, but if the head of the agency, assuming that he can coordinate a wedding all by himself becomes sick, or breaks a leg on the D-day (we wish not!) well, you’ll be all alone for your wedding!

Pitfalls to avoid: to rely only on the photos on the site or the site itself: nothing easier than to take trendy pictures on the net, and to put them on a well built web site and add in the section “testimonials” one small word of thanks of the so called newlyweds (go to random… “Dimitri and Julia”) for whom the wedding planner was “tremendous” and realized a “dream wedding”…

Be also careful of too incredible ads “200 marriages made”… In 2 years! Seriously! For that it would take about 7 persons full-time and at least 7 persons more in the season…

Agencies whose clients are friends… Hmmmm how to say! Well sure we become close to the newlyweds when we get to know them, of course we share many intense moments throughout the preparation of the marriage… But if all the newlyweds are friends there is somewhere a certain lack of professionalism of the wedding planner.

Wedding agencies do not reasonably work before a contract is signed; If some do it ; it is that they have little work and so little experience.

… And when these wedding planners spend their whole day jabbering on Facebook or any other social networks, it is not a very good sign, it’s more a wedding planner “to be”

Agencies that do everything… A wedding planner that does it all, undoubtedly, is a wedding planner who will do nothing successfully. No time to dig his skills, not profitable on it, so few contracts and experience, taken everywhere… An organizer is an organizer, and it is already not bad! It is a fulltime job… Being a wedding planner, a caterer and a DJ and a decorator, and… It’s too much not to say impossible!
To summarize… A quality agency has a cost but projects you into an exceptional day of serenity, where every detail is mastered to perfection…